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SAS Tie Rod Systems

SAS Ma­ri­ne­Tie rod sys­tems for har­bour con­struc­tion and hy­drau­lic en­gi­nee­ring

In har­bour con­struc­tion and hy­drau­lic en­gi­nee­ring SAS thre­ad bars are used as tie rods (ho­ri­zon­tal ten­si­le ele­ments in com­bi­na­ti­on with an an­chor wall) or grou­ted tie­back an­chors, e.g. for tie-back sheet pi­ling walls. Op­ti­mal­ly fit­ted with tem­pora­ry or per­ma­nent cor­ro­si­on pro­tec­tion sys­tems as well as ap­pro­pria­te ac­cess­ories, SAS thre­ad bar sys­tems for har­bour con­struc­tion and hy­drau­lic en­gi­nee­ring are sui­ta­ble for use in di­ver­se en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­ti­ons.

SAS Lok­Tie rod sys­tems for wood and steel con­struc­tion

The SAS Lok­Tie rod sys­tem with high-strength thre­ad bars for bra­c­ing com­po­si­te struc­tu­res in com­me­ri­cal and in­dus­tri­al buil­dings is the mo­dern al­ter­na­ti­ve to bol­ted ten­si­on ca­bles, wel­ded tie rods and tie rods with fi­ne threads. It is a mo­dern bra­c­ing sys­tem, ea­sy to hand­le at job sites, fea­turing a high load-be­a­ring ca­pa­ci­ty with a low dead load. It has be­en gran­ted a Ger­man Na­tio­nal Ap­pro­val by the Ger­man In­sti­tu­te of Con­struc­tion En­gi­nee­ring (Z-14.4-565).

Ca­ta­lo­gues and bro­chu­res

SAS tie rods