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SAS strand anchors

Strand an­chors con­sist of three main com­po­n­ents: the an­chor head, a steel ten­don - di­vi­ded in­to the bond sec­tion and fre­e­length - and the grout bo­dy. The steel ten­don is con­struc­ted from a num­ber of 7-wire pre­stres­sing strands.
Strand an­chors can be clo­se­ly matched to the re­qui­red loads by selec­ting the num­ber of strands, strand cross-sec­tion and steel gra­de. Long an­chor lengths can be pro­du­ced wi­thout joints.
The sys­tem is ea­sy to in­stall due to high an­chor fle­xi­bi­li­ty. Trans­por­ta­ti­on is ef­fi­ci­ent due to low space re­qui­re­ment for trans­port and sto­r­a­ge (an­chors are sup­p­lied coi­led up).