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SAS hollow core bars

The SAS hol­low co­re bar sys­tem con­sists of three main com­po­n­ents, the head, the steel ten­don with a sin­gle use drill bit as well as the grout slee­ve. The steel ten­don is a hol­low co­re bar with cold rol­led thre­ad and can the­re­fo­re be cut at any de­si­red length, or joi­ned with our ex­clu­si­ve cou­pling sys­tem. Be­cau­se of this uni­que cou­pling sys­tem the hol­low co­re steel bar is ea­si­ly being trans­por­ted and as­sem­bled on the job-site, sa­ving you ti­me and mo­ney.
We sup­p­ly a lar­ge selec­tion of drill bits, al­lo­wing our cust­o­m­ers to in­stall the hol­low co­re bars in a va­rie­ty of dif­fe­rent soil con­di­ti­ons. The cold rol­led thre­a­ded ribs re­sult in an ex­cel­lent bond bet­ween the SAS co­re bars and the con­cre­te mortar.
Due to the wi­de ran­ge of cross-sec­tions and bar dia­me­ters we can de­sign a sys­tem for you to car­ry al­most any re­qui­red load. SAS hol­low co­re bar sys­tems al­low a ra­pid con­struc­tion pro­gress as the dril­ling, in­stal­la­ti­on and in­jec­tion are car­ri­ed out in a sin­gle ope­ra­ti­on.