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SAS Thread Bars

Our con­ti­nuous­ly thre­a­ded steel bars are hot-rol­led, tem­pe­red, cold stret­ched and stress re­li­e­ved to pro­of load, a pro­cess which as­su­res that each and every bar has be­en in­di­vi­dual­ly tested for ten­si­le ca­pa­ci­ty as well as crea­ting a well de­fi­ned yield point, ac­cu­ra­te and re­lia­ble steel at high strengths. The con­stant mo­ni­to­ring of ma­te­ri­al and pro­ces­ses as­su­res a con­sis­tent pro­duct you can count on every ti­me. Our thre­a­ded bars and hard­ware ac­cess­ories are pro­du­ced in an ISO 9001 cer­ti­fied mill.

If you look at our pro­duct lis­ting you will see we ha­ve a full ran­ge of steel bar si­zes in mul­ti­ple dif­fe­rent gra­des avail­able, along with all com­pa­ti­ble hard­ware ac­cess­ories rea­di­ly avail­able. Cur­rent­ly we al­so ha­ve a do­mestic thre­a­ded steel bar li­ne at Gra­de 80 in si­zes #18 and #20 with ac­cess­ories. Our lo­wer gra­de bar se­ries ex­ceed re­qui­re­ments for ASTM A-615 for con­cre­te rein­force­ment. Our post-ten­sio­ning high strength se­ries al­so ex­ceed re­qui­re­ments for ASTM A-722.