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New Thread Bar Sizes Now Available

SAS Stress­teel is plea­sed to an­noun­ce the in­tro­duc­tion of fi­ve new thre­ad bar dia­me­ters.


Stress­teel has ac­qui­red Ci­ty of Los Angles ap­pro­val for  the use of Gra­de 150 Thre­ad Bars, Cou­pler, and Hex Nut for Tem­pora­ry  Tie­back Earth An­chors (Re­se­arch Re­port Num­ber 25977)  http://ne­t­in­­ports.nsf/41ee­d0d­ac71af7748825692d004f0e38/b4b183547ac­f43f488257­ca7007a3d58?Open­Do­cu­ment