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Celebration of the century.
475 years Stahlwerk Annahütte – a journey through time.

In Sep­tem­ber 2012 we ce­le­bra­ted our 475th an­ni­vers­a­ry with an im­pres­si­ve and fa­sci­na­ting jour­ney through ti­me. Six hund­red in­ter­na­tio­nal cust­o­m­ers and part­ners, all our em­ployees and, du­ring our com­pany’s open hou­se, about 5,000 vi­si­tors we­re in­vi­ted to join in the three-day fes­ti­vi­ties.

Our guests tra­vel­led back to the com­pany’s be­gin­nings in 1537 and we­re wel­co­med to the fes­ti­vi­ties by a lar­ge me­di­eval fair in front of the grand fes­ti­val tent. A host of ar­tists, con­ju­rers and va­grants joi­ned in on the fun, play­ing pranks among the crowd and de­light­ing on­loo­kers. Among the ma­ny attrac­tions, guests could watch ar­tis­ans at work as they de­mons­tra­ted their crafts to a fa­sci­na­ted au­di­ence.

In the ten­t’s foy­er, the jour­ney con­ti­nued in­to the 1920s and ‘30s with its en­ter­tai­ning am­bi­ence re­flec­ting the spi­rit of tho­se ti­mes. In the fes­ti­val tent with be­au­ti­ful­ly laid ta­bles the guests we­re car­ri­ed for­ward in­to the ye­ar 1975, in which the en­tre­pre­neur Max Ai­cher took over the Anna­hütte Com­pa­ny. Un­der his lea­dership, nu­merous ra­tio­na­liza­t­i­on and mo­der­niza­t­i­on mea­su­res we­re im­ple­men­ted du­ring the past 37 ye­ars, ac­tive­ly sup­por­ted both by An­nahüt­te’s ma­nage­ment and em­ployees. It is the so­li­da­ri­ty and com­mit­ment of each and every one to which Anna­hütte owes its pre­sent suc­cess.

With a va­rie­ty of pro­gram­mes tailo­red to tar­get au­di­en­ces, in­ter­na­tio­nal show acts il­lus­tra­ted the high­lights of our com­pa­ny his­to­ry. A broad spec­trum of mo­dern and so­phis­ti­ca­ted va­rie­ty acts crea­tive­ly re-enac­ted si­gni­fi­cant events in our com­pa­ny his­to­ry. En­ter­tai­ning vi­deo re­cor­dings and, as a fi­nal high­light of our thril­ling jour­ney through ti­me, a bre­a­thta­king la­ser show con­ju­red up vi­si­ons of the com­pany’s fu­ture up to the ye­ar 2037 in which we will ce­le­bra­te our 500th an­ni­vers­a­ry. The light de­pic­ted An­nahüt­te’s fu­ture – con­ti­nuous de­ve­lop­ment over half a mill­en­ni­um of steel…

The events we­re a gre­at suc­cess with all tar­get groups. We suc­cee­ded in bridging the gap bet­ween the com­pany’s cen­tu­ry-old his­to­ry and the mo­dern and suc­cess­ful Anna­hütte of to­day.